SWL Manual/Electric Worm Gear Screw Jack


SpecificationTypeSWL2.5SWL5SWL10 SWL15SWL20SWL25SWL35Maximum hoisting force kN2550100/150200250350Maximum tensile kN255099166250350Worm wheel and worm screw drive ratio(P)6:16:17:18:110:110:1Worm wheel travel per turn(mm)1.01.1671.5651.51.51.5Worm wheel and worm screw drive ratio(M)24:124:124:124:132:132:1Worm wheel travel per turn(mm)0.2500.2920. screw torque N.m1844.210.8182314398Maximum allowable power kW0.551. efficiency of common ratio(p)%2232123211918Total efficiency of slow-speed ratio(p)%141215131111Lubricant quantity0. without travel added(kg)7.316.2253670.587Weight of screw per100mm(kg)0.450.821.672.154.155.2Note:
1.The maximum allowable power is the parameter under the condition that the ambient temperature is 20℃ and the working persistence rate is 20%/h worm speed is 1500 r/min.
2.Total power is a parameter applicable for grease lubrication.
3.Ambient temperature for service -20℃~+80℃.
4.Usually self-lock may function at static status.


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