Shandong  Jinyu Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. It was originally a 87062 force reducer factory. It is affiliated to the Air Force Ordnance Equipment Department. It is a professional manufacturer of various types of screw lifts and worm gear screw lifts. The recommended unit of the Arc Gear Research Laboratory was selected into the “Mechanical Design Manual” (Chemical Industry Press, Machinery Industry Press) selection standard. It is a specialized chemical plant integrating development and production of new transmission machinery. It covers an area of 98 acres. There are 258 employees, including 18 senior technicians and 2 senior economists.

At present, the company mainly produces worm screw hoist, ball screw hoist, QWL series, SWL series, JWM series, TP series, SJ/MA series, WSH series, SHE series, MERKUR series,HSE series, SHG series SJA/SJB series: SSL series of bevel gear lift;Among them, the tonnage of small lift is 0.5t ~50T, that of medium lift is 75T~200T, and that of large lift is 250T~3000T.T spiral bevel gear steering box, the maximum output power can be up to 1500KW;The lifting force of electric putter varies from 40Kg to 300T. The models include DG series A/B/C/D/T/W/P, DGP series ac/dc electric putter, LT series, LAP/LBP series, SCA/SCB series, ALS/ALSR series, HLA series high-performance linear actuator, and ELA series electric mechanical linear actuator.Precision no-gap worm gear pair, double lead precision worm gear pair;Precision tooth thickness worm.

The company has strong technical force and perfect testing means. The company has 4 CNC enveloping machines, 18 secondary enveloping machines, 5 large Y31125 gear hobbing machines, 2 large Y31200 hobbing machines, 6 Zhongjie T6118 boring machines and 28 precision CNC machine tools. There are 8 vertical VS-1170 machining centers, and more than 130 other processing equipments. The new Hanjiang S7732 worm grinders are newly introduced, with an accuracy of 5 levels. The company has always pursued the business tenet of “honesty, trustworthiness, and centuries-old enterprise”, adhere to the principle of “quality first, customer first”, honesty, customer first, pursuit of excellence, and bravely climb the peak. Jinyu company has carefully produced various types of screw lifts, which have won the trust and support of customers. Welcome people from all walks of life to visit and negotiate.