JinYu JWM series screw jacks

The product is extensively used in many kinds of industries such as metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, architecture, water conservancy, spinning, medical industry, cultural health, etc.. E.g.lifting platform of heavy load clamping device for mechanical processing, rotating device and plastic processing machine, etc.; cat ladder and tool erector used for installation and maintenance, lifting platform for engine maintenance, position adjustment for pipeline or plate material conveying; mould opening for cast or concrete modeling; for metallurgy used in electrode adjustment, hot liquid casting; for architecture used in moving equipment and combining template of finished product, in liftable window, wall, enclosure, etc.; for cultural health used in lifting stage, adjusting height of swimming pool, adjusting height of operating table; for water conservancy used in gate and guard shield for reservoir; for research used in motion which is unable to be adjusted manually, etc..


JW series screw jack overview


JWM (Trapezoid screw)


JWM (trapezoid screw) is suitable for low speed and low frequency.

Main components: Precision trapezoid screw pair and high precision worm-gears pair.

  • Economical:

Compact design, easy operation, convenient maintenance.

  • Low speed, low frequency:

Be suitable for heavy load, low speed, low service frequency.

  • Self-lock

Trapezoid screw has self-lock function, it can hold up load without braking device when screw stops traveling.

Braking device equipped for self-lock will be of malfunction accidentally when large

jolt & impact load occur.



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