Linear Actuator




Main application

Power-driven medical bed, power-driven sofa, lifting rod of power-driven exhibition platform, industrial power-driven lifting system, camera holder, projector, wedding system.

Main structures

The linear actuator is composed of drive motor, reduction gear, screws, nuts, guide sleeve, push rod, slide base, spring, housing, turbine and inching switch.

Operating principles

The motor reduces its speed through gear to drive a pair of screw nuts, covert the rotary motion of motor to straight motion and finish push rod motion by motors positive and reverse rotation. A series of complicated motions such as rotation and swaying can be finished by the levers, rockers or connecting rods. The stroke can increase by changing moment arm length of lever.


Novel and delicate design, small volume, high precision, complete synchronization, good self-locking performance and clean, the motor can be directly driven, in no need of air source and oil line with pipeline, presently, it has been widely used in varieties of industries and devices like production lines, automobiles, opening of window shutters, military industry, stage, textile industry, and sewage handling.


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