Introduction of T series spiral bevel gear steering gear

Adopt full series modular combination design and manufacture, low noise, high torque, no oil leakage, single extension shaft, double extension shaft products

Structure, characteristics and reaction:

Housing: high rigidity fc-25 cast iron; Gear: gear made of high quality and high purity alloy steel 20CrMnTiH carburizing and quenching, and grinding; Spindle: shafts adopt alloy steel, high suspension load capacity; Bearing: roller cone bearing with heavy load capacity; Oil seal: double lip oil seal, both dust and oil resistance;


Proper use of lubricating oil can give play to the efficiency of the steering machine and improve its operating life. A. The initial wear period is two weeks or 100-200 hours, during which there may be some metal wear particles. Please be sure to clean the inside and replace the lubricant. B. For long-term use, change the lubricating oil every six months to one year or 1000 to 2000 hours.


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