SJ series screw jack lift


SJ series screw jack lift

The unique square groove housing of SJA ordinary screw elevator increases the heat dissipation capacity of the housing and extends the service life of grease. The selection of shell materials for ductile iron greatly improves the strength and performance of the shell and its wide application at high/low temperatures. Square tail cover design, control screw does not rotate. Advanced processing equipment and processing and assembly technology, is the guarantee of high product quality, advanced design concept to create a strong impact resistance, high strength, low noise, long life, small volume of quality products.

The modular combination enriches the variation of the product combination. The SJA spiral elevator can be directly combined with any combination of motor/reduction motor/special function accessories, and the integrated design provides customers with thousands of easy choices.

Can according to customer requirements non-standard design, such as stainless steel housing and screw screw elevator, multi-head screw, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance products. Complete accessories: dust cover, reverse backlash design, safety nut, ball screw, limit switch, overload clutch, potentiometer, encoder, brake, handlebar, mounting accessories, etc.


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