SHG series High performance worm gear screw jack lift


SHG High performance worm screw jack lift

Introduction of lead screw lift product:

Lead screw lift is a kind of component for base lifting, has been listed as JB/T8809-1998 standard. The bearing capacity is 0.5-300T, characterized by compact structure, small volume, light weight, extensive power source, no noise, convenient installation, flexible operation, multiple functions, many supporting forms, high reliability, long lifetime, ect., with multiple functions such as lifting, falling, pushing, rotation, can be used by single unit or combination, can accurately adjust height of lifting or pushing in line with certain program, driven by motor or other power source, or driven manually, with maximum input rotating speed by 1500r/min, maximum lifting speed by 2.7m/min. The lift has different structural models and assemble modes, the lifting height can be customized by user’s requirement, and it can be locked automatically.

Scope for application:

T series transmission case and electric driving source is equipped with for two-lift interlock, four-lift interlock, eight-lift interlock. Accessories with special design: protection cover for screw lift, dust cover, limit switch, potentiometer, encoder, safety nut, abrasion-preventing, falling-preventing screw stop dog nut, backlash counteract device, rotation counterattack device.


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