SWL worm gear screw lift



Worm and worm wheel jacks performs moving up/down and forward by worm driving. It’s widely used in field of machinery, architecture, chemistry etc. The lifer has advantages of compact structure, small size, easy installation, good reliability, high stability and long life-span. It has self locking. The maximum loading capability is 2.5 to 35 ton and the maximum input RPM is 1500r/m. The environment working temperature is between -20℃ and 100℃.

Type and Earmark

Structure mode

Type–1 Screw spins and rotate axially at the same time

Type–2 Screw spins while nut on Screws rotating axially

Assemblage mode

There are 2 assemblage modes available for each of elevator structural mode;

Type A–Screw (or nut) moves upwards (see Figure 1 and Figure 2);

Type A–Screw (or nut) moves downwards (see Figure 1 and Figure 2);

Screw head mode

—There are 4 type available for the head of screw with Type 2 structural mode; Type (cylinder mode) Type Ⅱ (flange mode) Type Ⅲ (thread mode) Type Ⅳ (flat head mode)

—There are 2 type available for the head of screw with Type Ⅰ (cylinder mode) Type Ⅲ


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