JWB Ball screw jack lift


JWB Ball screw jack lift introduce

JWB ball screw lift

High speed

JWB ball screw elevator, suitable for high speed, high frequency and high performance device, the main components are precision ball screw pair and high precision worm gear pair.

1.2.1 high efficiency: with rolling friction, improve the efficiency of the whole machine, only a small drive source, can produce a lot of driving force.

1.2.2 high speed: compared with the trapezoidal screw, the speed is greatly improved, which can be easily adjusted and operated.

1.2.3 long service life: high quality ball screw is adopted to increase its service life by more than 3 times.

Note: (1) there is no self-locking function, need to add a braking device or choose a driving source with braking.

JWB large pitch ball screw type another consultation.


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